We ask for radical reforms in UN – Indian president

We ask for radical reforms in UN – Indian president

Pranab Mukherjee, the Indian president has called for a radical reform of the administrative and financial structure of the United Nations (UN) which will see the active involvement of developing countries.

The UN which was established to unite all countries after the Second World War in 1945 has received the backlash from many people as not serving the purpose of the world community today.

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President Mukherjee, who was addressing students of the University of Ghana, Legon, last Monday as part of his visit to Ghana said the UN had undergone a lot of extreme changes leaving only a few countries to take decisions on behalf of the world body, in spite of the fact that the UN is also made up of many countries in the developing world.

He said: “It is sad that there is no effective role in this world body. Therefore, we are asking for radical reforms of the international architecture in the administrative structure and in the financial architecture in the United Nations, particularly but most importantly in developing countries.”

He bemoaned why India and the entire African continent had no permanent membership of the Security Council although it was through the support of these countries that the UN was developed.

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The presidents decried the structures of UN which he said were outdated and ineffective at resolving the problems of today.

Mukherjee tasked the UN to keep pace with the changing times and commit to a restructuring by taking a look at India and Africa as it seeks solutions to global issues.

He said: “ … a country of India’s size and civilisation depth cannot be watching from the sidelines as the Security Council dispenses solutions to global issues … The continent of Africa of over a billion people cannot be a bystander while its fate is defined. Reform of and change in the United Nations is inevitable and the youth should be at the vanguard of this call for change.”

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Mukherjee earlier unveiled a statue of Mahatma Ghandi at the Balme Library of the University of Ghana, Legon.

Source: Yen Newspaper

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