Russia slams arrest of 43 football supporters in France

Russia slams arrest of 43 football supporters in France

French police took into custody forty-three Russian supporters on Tuesday in connection with their clash with England at the Euro 2016.

Russia slams arrest of 43 football supporters in France

Russian supporters were detained by French police

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Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister on Wednesday called the detention "absolutely unacceptable" as he slammed French police.

Russian authorities blamed France saying the host country was turning a blind eye to the behavior of English fans who taunted the Russians.

Some English fans were seen on television trampling on a Russian flag and hurling insults directed at the Russian leadership.

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Lavrov said in an apparent reference to England supporters: "We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that (the French) are trying to ignore the absolutely provocative actions of fans from other countries."

40 Russian fans in a bus were stopped by police near Marseilles and taken into custody as security men sought to increase surveillance and control violence.

Lavrov told parliament that the French police: "demanded that they get off the bus for document and identification checks."

The minister fumed at why France did not inform the Russian embassy or the consulate in Marseille before intercepting the bus transporting Russian fans, which included far-right sympathiser Alexander Shprygin, who heads the Russian football supporters association.

Russian diplomatic missions in France only got to know of the plight of its citizens from social media after Shprygin and other fans published pictures and updates about their detention.

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UEFA have not hidden their intention of disqualifying Russia from the tournament if there is any more crowd trouble.

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday he hoped investigation into the clashes would treat all sides fairly.

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