Osu chiefs bare teeth over Achimota land

Osu chiefs bare teeth over Achimota land

Numo Gbelenfo, the traditional priest of Osu led some chiefs and fetish priests of Osu in Accra to invoke curses on persons they say are forcibly taking over their land at Achimota.

Osu chiefs bare teeth over Achimota land

Numo Gbelenfo leads the exercise

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They want their deities and ancestors to deal with those involved and alleged to be operating under ‘orders from above’.

In an open display on Friday of their anger, they poured libation to invoke the gods to deal with persons who are in one way or the other playing a part in the thievery of their land.

They asked their deities not to spare the guilty any moment of sleep nor peace since their unfortunate plight had gone on for far too long.

The chiefs and priests also called on President John Mahama to declare his stance as not being part of the wanton display by top policemen and soldiers who use their offices to take their land.

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The chief priest told Graphiconline that as long as the president remains the father of the nation they deem it as an action he should be aware of and therefore expect him to call the security personnel to order.

Numo Gbelenfo in his invocation said: “We call you because all Osu properties have been stolen our ancestors who founded our state, today we are being cheated … Every government that is installed envies our properties.

“Our land at Achimota, they have gone with soldiers and police to destroy all our properties over there … They are taking our lands from us. We call on you who are all seeing and mightier than all others.

"We ask you to deal with anyone responsible for that act, chase them in the night, by day, whether he lays down, stands, while at table, bathing, in bed with the wife, let them know that they have touched the untouchable,” he prayed.

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Numo Gbelenfo alleged that soldiers in uniform and bearing the national arms were at the Achimota lands with their bulldozers and breaking down properties claiming they had “order from above” which pointed to the seat of government.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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