Top 5 most stupid deaths caused by cell phones

Top 5 most stupid deaths caused by cell phones

Many of us will quickly experience a panic attack if we realize that we left home without our phones. But did you know that these very cell phones have caused some of the world's most gory deaths?  Here is a list of five of such horrific deaths.

1. Man walks off a cliff while using his phone to take pictures

On Christmas Day 2015, Burwell went to San Diego’s scenic Sunset Cliffs, a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to view the sunset. Many people go there hoping to grab the perfect photo for Instagram and garner as many likes as possible.

Burwell was no different than the many others there, but he was so glued to his phone that he didn’t realize he’d already passed the safe area of the cliff. He kept walking until he stepped right over the edge and fell 18 meters (60 ft). People nearby heard someone crying out for help, and eventually, a group made a dangerous descent down the cliffside and reached him. Sadly, he died at the scene.

2. iPhone put on charge kills owner

Ailun had connected her iPhone to its charger just as she’d probably done 1,000 times before. Ailun heard the phone ring and picked it up to answer it while it was still connected to the charger. She was electrocuted, collapsing to the floor and dying before medical help could arrive.

While representatives at Apple would not give details as to whether this was an isolated case, they immediately gave their condolences and began to investigate the strange death. All evidence pointed to Ailun having only used an officially licensed Apple charger, refuting claims that an aftermarket charger may have been the cause of her death.

3. Girl obsessed with selfies electrocuted to death

In May 2015, Ursu, like many people her age, was engrossed by her phone’s front-facing camera, trying to get the perfect selfie. Anna and her friend decided to go to a train yard to take some photos. One of them suggested that they climb atop a train car and take pictures there.

Ursu’s friend said that things were going well until Ursu grabbed a wire on top of the train while trying to snap a selfie; the wire was live and extremely high voltage. Ursu was immediately electrocuted. The voltage was so powerful that she burst into flames.

4. Woman’s three children drown while she plays on her phone

In Irving, Texas, Patricia Allen went to her apartment complex’s swimming pool along with three of her five children (ages 9, 10, and 11). It was reported that both she and her husband knew that the children couldn’t swim, but her husband told her that the children could swim well enough to be in the pool.

Tragically, all three children drowned. Witnesses stated that Allen was right by the pool, but she was looking down at her phone the entire time. She began to panic when she realized that she couldn’t find her children.

5. Man dies in trash compactor while searching for his phone

In 2013, Roger Mirro told one of his neighbors that he’d accidentally dropped his phone down the building’s trash chute. He was asking around for the key to the trash room, which he eventually gained access to, hoping to retrieve his phone from the trash compactor. After three hours of not seeing or hearing from her husband, Mirro’s wife filed a missing persons report with the police.

After talking to residents in the apartment complex, investigators went to the trash room and discovered that the lock had been removed from the door. When they went in, they found a ladder leading up to the top of the trash compactor. Sadly, they located Mirro’s crushed, lifeless body inside.


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