"Daddy, mommy can't wake up!" 4-year-old saves his mother

"Daddy, mommy can't wake up!" 4-year-old saves his mother

Camden Vaughan from Dallas is only 4-year-old. On the day this terrifying story happened he was at home with his mother Misty and his baby brother.

Misty, who had been sick with the flue for a few days, was feeling especially bad on that day. The last thing she remembered was taking her temperature and seeing a scary picture: the thermometer showed 105.5 °F. Soon after that Misty passed out.

Camden, who saw it happen, immediately grabbed his mother's phone. He went to contacts, found his dad's photo, and pressed on it to deliver the message: "Daddy, you need to come home! Mommy can’t wake up."

Upon hearing his son's voice Dr. Jeremy Vaughn called 911, then rushed home. Misty was taken to hospital, where it turned out she was having a seizure. According to doctors, if not for Camden's quick acting, his mother wouldn't have made it. Now she is home with her loved ones and making a fast recovery.

“My boys are my world and my gratitude is overwhelming,” she says. “I just keep staring at them amazed at how different things could have really been for me. It’s reminded me to enjoy the day-to-day tasks of motherhood again and not get bogged down with all the details in my life that in the end won’t really matter anyway.”

What a smart little man!

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Source: Yen.com.gh

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