Painful truths every Ghanaian lady is scared to know

Painful truths every Ghanaian lady is scared to know

Sometimes, telling the hard truth to someone you care most about remains a difficult decision as it often results in a heartbreak, disappointment or emotional breakdown. But there are some truths you dare not keep from the very person you love especially when these truths often go a long way to change bad habits and reshape mindsets. Here is a list of some hard truths every Ghanaian lady would most likely not want to know.

1. The more beautiful you are the less chance of you finding a faithful boyfriend. Reason is that most Ghanaian men feel beautiful ladies are 'players'.

2. Five of every ten jobs you apply for will include serious sexual advances from potential employers.

3. No matter how long your skirt is, you would always have boys or men wish to have sex with you.

4. The higher your status in life, the lesser your chance of getting married

5. Striving to stay a virgin even at age 35 gets family and friends wondering if you are a 'lesbian'.

6. Almost all the men (99.9%) you date are not virgins, even if you are!

7. Most Ghanaian men prefer women with big boobs! Sorry if you barely have some.

8. Proposing to a guy you most love and care about will always be translated as: '' a bone chasing a dog.''

9. Get a job and be economically independent, you would be called 'too known and arrogant', be jobless and get married and you would be termed a 'house wife'.

10. Ghanaian ladies would never want to reveal how old they are.

11. They hate to know that no matter how much men love them, men love their mums more.

Source: Yen Newspaper

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