Students who revise with music are more likely to pass their exams

Students who revise with music are more likely to pass their exams

Two British researchers demonstrated through a study in "natural environment" that music is involved in the reduction of stress and therefore will help students yield success in most school examinations.

In a report by the Trax magazine, this study by two researchers at the Royal College of Music in London was carried out with the participation of 117 volunteers, who were asked to attend a concert of Eric Whitacare, American composer of song choral and classical music.

A saliva sample was taken from each volunteer before and after the concert to determine the hormonal effects caused by it.

A significant reduction in stress hormones

The study of the samples has revealed that within an hour, or during the time of the concert, the glucocorticoid, progesterone and cortisol levels in the volunteers had dropped significantly. These hormones are mainly related to stress and can have negative effects on the concentration of the anyone produced a greater amount.

Reducing the levels of these hormones is known to increase efficiency, which can be extra useful for students during a period of revision or examination.

 A first in "natural environment"

Despite studies having already shown similar results, the researchers asserted that this is the first time that "this reduction has been demonstrated not only in tightly controlled laboratory settings, but also in a natural environment, namely that of a public concert in a cultural place.

Can a concert of heavy metal or rap therefore reduce stress?

Not quite true. According to the researchers the study focused "solely on the effects of classical music, which is relatively quiet. More research will be needed to determine whether other styles of music cause different effects..."

In short, choose Beethoven over Eminem when you're preparing to write an exam, you never know.


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