Court sentences 22-year-old woman to death by hanging in Tamale

Court sentences 22-year-old woman to death by hanging in Tamale

A Tamale High Court has sentenced a 22-year-old woman, Zelia Sulemana, to death by hanging for murder.

A five-member jury found Zeila guilty of stabbing Rawdia Aminu, a nursing student, in her chest and abdomen in 2014, leading to her death.

According to the prosecution, Zeila stabbed Aminu during an argument over her (Zeila's) boyfriend, Abdul-Rahman, who happened to be the ex-boyfriend of Aminu.

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The prosecution said Zeila deceived Aminu by telling her that she was interested in attending nursing school and started a friendship with her. She also reportedly introduced Aminu to her parents as a friend.

On the day of the stabbing, Zeila is said to have called Aminu for a discussion outside her house.

In the course of the discussion, she said to have questioned Aminu about Abdul-Rahman, which led to an argument.

The prosecution said Aminu did not know that her ex-boyfriend, Abdul-Rahman, had become boyfriend to Zeila.

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Zeila is said to have then stabbed Aminu out of anger, leading to her death.


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