Did M.anifest take shots at D Black in "godMC"?

Did M.anifest take shots at D Black in "godMC"?

In the hurly-burly that succeeded the release of M.anifest’s “godMC”, we have all forgotten about an equally important shot the rapper took at D Black.

Granted, majority of the lyrics in the song seem to be targeted at Sarkodie, the self-acclaimed king of Ghana rap, but M.anifest literally made calls on D Black too with some lines in his song. One of the lyrics that incensed a lot of Sarkodie supported in the Twitter battle that ensued was,

This line got some Sarkoholics crying foul at the suggestion that Sarkodie had literally lowered the level of  intellectual content in his rap just to meet the masses. What people however forget is that the only person who had actually admitted to “dumbing down” his lyrics for fame is D Black.

In May 2015, Desmond Blackmore had tweeted that he had to “dumb it down 2 touch the masses. I gotta be on the charts wit the cats rapping in Twi, Ga, Pidgin, Ewe. I gotta have a nationwide hit.”


With M.anifest’s line about not willing to dumb down his lyrics to achieve fame, some people have suggested that he is referring to D Black.

Is he?

Source: Yen Newspaper

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