Man vows to rape mother after catching father in bed with wife

Man vows to rape mother after catching father in bed with wife

The Kenyan public is still in shock after new broke of a 29-year-old man threatened to rape his own mother after he caught his father sleeping with his wife.

According to reports by Standard Digital, James Malika's threat caused his 47-year-old mother, Sarah, to flee from the family house in Eshiamukoko village in Butere district, Kakamega County. It was reported that the woman was in fear that her biological son could actually carry out the threat.

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The bitterness between Malika and his 55-year-old father, Mbinji, started when he allegedly caught his father sleeping with his wife. It was after this that Malika vowed to rape his OWN mother just as a way to teach his father a lesson and gain revenge for his wife and father's infidelity.

Explaining the issue to some village elders, Malika, who caught his father in the act with his wife in a maize plantation said, "I heard some funny noises emanating from the maize plantation while looking for my goat that had strayed. When I moved closer, I was shocked to find my father engaged in the act with my wife"

Malika, whose marriage had only lasted months, said he has all along known his father to be randy but never imagined he would be so shameless to the extent of seducing his wife and sleeping with her.

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A village elder, Inzoi Lumbasi, told Standard Digital that everyone is shocked that Mbinji could do such a thing and that it was an abomination for a man to sleep with his son's wife no matter how beautiful and tempting she may be.

"It was very unfortunate for the old man to do that. This is not only an abomination but also an unimaginable disregard of taboo that will require the two to be cleansed in an elaborate ritual. Or get banished from here, lest they bring bad omen and curses to this village," Lumbasi said.

Lumbasi added that Mbinji has been in the habit of seducing and sleeping with women in the area, including other men’s wives and widows.

"We must cleanse these individuals and bless this village or else we are all doomed," Lumbasi concluded.

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