New court complex sewage leaking

New court complex sewage leaking

Hundreds of people including lawyers and litigants who showed up at the new ultra modern court complex in Accra were greeted by a stench from a leaking faecal matter on the premises.

According to a news report by 3News faecal matter from one of the cesspit, chambers filled the car park area for lawyers.

This situation led to the atmosphere of the courts polluted by this unbearable smell which led person who had thronged to the court premises to either hold their breath or cover their noses for few minutes to enter the building.

It is believed that a plumbing defect might have led to the leakage of the brownish-looking faecal matter to leak to the car.

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Meanwhile, a private legal practitioner, Joe Debrah, who experienced the situation told 3News lawyers senses and sensibilities, have been assaulted, noting that the situation should not have arisen because the building is new.

“It was terrible it was very bad,” he said.

The ultra modern court complex was inaugurated in October last year.

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