Man sues neighbour who failed to impregnate his wife

Man sues neighbour who failed to impregnate his wife

A 34-year-old man, Frank Maus has been sued by his neighbour, Demetrius Soupolos for failing to impregnate his [Soupolos] wife after 72 attempts.

A court in Stuttgart, Germany must decide on the case of honourable intentions in the situation.

Demetrius Soupolos, 29, and his wife, Traute, wanted a child badly, but Demetrius was declared sterile by doctors. The situation led the couple to agree that their neighbour, Frank Maus will be paid to impregnate Traute.

Maus was a married man with two children. So Soupolos paid Maus $2,500 for the job and three evenings a week the next six moths, he had the task of getting Traute pregnant.

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But after a total of 72 different times to impregnate Traute, Maus could not deliver.

Soupolose could not understand and insisted that Maus have a medical examination, which he did. The doctors revealed that Maus was also sterile.

This led to the wife of Maus to forcefully confess that he [Maus] was not the real father of their two children.

Now Soupolos is suing Maus for breach of contract in an effort to get his money back, but Maus refuses to refund the money because he said he did not guarantee conception.


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