Why love can no longer save this relationship

Why love can no longer save this relationship

Building relationships is a real art, and it takes much patience on the part of both partners to keep their feeling on fire. Any of us has bad days, and it’s important for a partner to show support and understanding during hard times as well. Unfortunately, sometimes a series of silly misunderstandings turns into a serious issue and threatens to ruin everything you’ve worked on for so long.

In such case, the first thing to do is to recognize that your relationship faces challenges and requires fixing. No need to rip your hair out dwelling on past mistakes and ways to avoid them. The mill cannot grind with the water that is past. It needs a fresh stream to move on.

You also need to take a fresh look at your relationship. Think carefully what might have gone wrong and try to put yourself in your partner’s place. Be sure, though it may sound too simple, this step is a huge milestone in your love recovery journey. In case you don't know where to start, check out the most common love killers.

Why love can no longer save this relationship

1. Boredom

No one expects you to be a resident of Entertainment City and strike your partner with a Broadway show each evening. But if you notice that you haven’t spent a single night our during the last month, and the only thing you’re up on Friday evening is checking your Facebook page, it’s high time to figure out how to escape routine. A zoo visit, a weekend sea trip or a theatre opening night might be a working strategy to win your partner’s attention back. Keep in mind that communication is a basis of understanding, so talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend and find out their preferences.

2. Big changes

If you’ve recently changed your job, residence or experienced some mental shift, you probably feel differently about everything that’s going on in your life. But your partner may not know about such developments. A simple conversation works magic and saves you from paying big money for family psychologist visits.

3. Absence of desire

It’s hard to find more terrible feeling than the one when your partner no longer sees you as a good lover. Making love is an important component of any relationship as communication, respect, emotional involvement, etc. So if you feel that you don’t wait for a night to come the way you used to, seek a bit of diversity. Rent a room in a love hotel to change your everyday bedroom surrounding or visit an erotic shop together with a partner to pick up a few toys you both would like to try. Find an erotic video that will remind your partner of times you used to have and push them to make new experiments.

4. Neglect

There are some points in a relationship when you completely ignore your partner without even understanding it. For example, if you’re in the middle of research paper defence or facing some health issues, it’s hard to find a minute to ask about what’s new in their lives. But you’d better start paying some attention to their needs because, otherwise, it may happen that after you overcome your difficulties, there will be nobody around to celebrate with you.

5. Too much criticism

Follow you each time your partner asks your advice on what to wear or which café to choose for your anniversary celebration. If you've noticed that each your answer contains a bit of criticism, this may be the beginning of the end. Also, watch your words when you’re talking about their family members. Nobody expects you to be crazy about their parents, but you should understand that your partner loves and cares about their relatives, and if you don’t want them to feel distant, be patient and show some sensitivity.

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