Sex facts you need in your life

Sex facts you need in your life

Most of the information we have about sex is pretty straight forward and mundane - we know where the penis can go, what the vagina can do, and how it all works together to create a satisfying experience. shares with you some facts about sex that are more unusual than others.

1. Chocolates are an aphrodisiac, however, the more you have sex, the more you want to have chocolate a study has revealed.

2. The first vibrator was originally invented in the 19th century to reduce ‘hysteria’ in women.

3. The average length of a man’s penis (when erect) is 5-7 inches.

4. You burn as much as 200 calories during 30 minutes of active sex.

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5. The average amount of time spent kissing for a person in a lifetime is 20,160 minutes. That’s 336 hours, 14 days or 2 weeks.

6. 75% of men reach orgasm while making love whiles only 29% of women attain an orgasm through penetrative sex. However, the majority of women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal.

7. Did you know that sperm contains proteins that have the same anti-wrinkle effect as your moisturiser, which tightens skin and gives an instant face-lift?

8. Men get senile at a late age, unlike women. A whopping 73% of 70-year-old men are still potent while the figure is relatively low among women of the same age bracket


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