Reasons why a man will leave his marriage

Reasons why a man will leave his marriage

You hear of marriages breaking up quite suddenly these days. You look at a couple and think that they are happy but then you hear that they are suddenly heading for divorce.

When you dig a little further, you get to know that the guy decided to walk out on this wife. Why is it that married men leave seemingly 'happy marriages'? What does it take to make a man leave his wife? bring you six reasons why a married man may want to leave a wife.

1. Appreciation

When a Ghanaian man feels under appreciated by his spouse he’ll start cheating and leave the marriage. Men, in general, want to be appreciated if not in words, actions. After a man has paid the bills or repaired the sink, a simple Thank you to “Kweku Papa” will make him feel good about himself and encourage him to take up more responsibilities. A man who only gets insults or no appreciation in the marriage may feel bitter and emotionally disconnected

2. Financial Issues

Statistics say that the biggest cause of a breakup in a marriage after infidelity is money. A couple that argues about money is an unhappy couple. When a man is frustrated about his finances this affects the family. Men will always cheat or divorce a woman who spends excessively. A man wants his woman to feel safe and secure so they get hurt when arguments arise due to “chop money” and other bills.

3. Infidelity

Only a few men will still remain in a relationship when the woman is caught cheating. A man’s ego is bruised in a relationship where the woman is flirtatious or is rumoured to be cheating. A man wants his woman to be respected because it also represents his manhood. Cheating in a relationship could destroy a man totally and cause him to leave.

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4. Change

As people grow they lose so much in common with their spouses. Activities which used to be enjoyed together become boring. A man will always leave a relationship where he feels no connection to the woman. If you want to stay married to your husband as a woman , you have to grow interested in some of the things he is passionate about or you run the risk of growing apart and ending up in a divorce.

5. Sex

Lack of sex in a relationship will always put a strain on the relationship. When a man complains of lack of sex or boring sex in the relationship, it may be because he is scared he is not satisfying you enough or you find him less attractive. There may be several reasons for the lack of sex in a relationship but most men will go very long lengths to have sex. Refusing sex from the partner may mean a lot or even the end of the marriage.

6. Inadequacy

A man who yells or controls his partners move is probably doing this out of fear of not measuring up to their spouse’s standard. Men get scared too especially in a relationship with someone they love. A man will leave a relationship where he feels inadequate and criticised. When a man feels he is not being recognised or validated by his spouse he’ll feel inadequate and the emotional connection will be lost forever.

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