Alcohol addiction among pregnant women on the high

Alcohol addiction among pregnant women on the high

It has been revealed that most pregnant women in the Koforidua Municipality are addicted to alcohol according to a senior nursing officer at the ante-natal unit of the Koforidua Government Hospital.

According to Juliet Anador, all the effort by the hospital to re-orient the yet-to-be nursing mothers have not yielded positive outcome.

She opined that despite the adverse effect alcohol has on the unborn babies, the pregnant women still take to a great volumes.

The revelation came to the fore during a sensitization program organised by Accra Brewery Limited for pregnant women in Koforidua.

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She said pregnant women who drink alcohol risk giving birth to children with a “fetal alcohol spectrum disorder” which can cause speech and language delays, abnormal facial features, small head size and other dangerous deformities among babies.

She advised Pregnant women to desist from alcohol during antenatal and postnatal in other to secure the health and safety of their babies.


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