Low salaries the cause of corruption in Ghana

Low salaries the cause of corruption in Ghana

At long last the true cause of corruption in Ghana has finally been found. A report by the institute of economic affairs (IEA) has attributed corruption of any kind to these top three factors: greed, the urge to get rich quick and low salaries.

Senior adjunct fellow of the IEA, Professor Atsu Aryee reveals that 90% of Ghanaians believe there is corruption in Ghana as they also believe the "need" to pay bribes to get jobs, avoid official payments or receive a preferential treatment at the hospital.

The bane of corruption according to Professor Atsu Aryee, can only end if parliament passes the right to information bill.

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 “The crusade against corruption will actually go into high gear if we make information available… we need to get that [the RTI bill]. If we get that, it will be easier for us even to question about how do they get money? How do they build a house, etc?” 

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Source: YEN.com.gh

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