Political parties spend GHC 800,000 monthly

Political parties spend GHC 800,000 monthly

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has revealed in its latest research work the amount of money political parties in Ghana spend on average in election years.

According to the IEA, political parties spend about GHC 800,000 on the average each election year without any form of support from the state.

Addressing the media on the research work, senior research fellow at the IEA in charge of governance, Dr Ransford Gyampo, said political parties in Ghana are the “most neglected” institutions.

He stated that for political parties to perform their roles and function efficiently, they will require some funding.

On the average, my research shows that it costs political parties up to GHC100, 000 to run and maintain themselves in all districts of the country just for one month during off-peak election seasons; in between elections.”

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Dr Gyampo also revealed that political parties in the country spend just under GHC10, 000 on utility and rent expenses, while as much as GHC 8, 000 is spent on average on the salaries of their staff.

During electioneering campaigns, it could cost as much as GHC800, 000 c a month for political parties to run their activities. On the average, it costs as much as GHC2, 500 for parties to rent and maintain office spaces across the country. Again it costs GHC8,000 every month to maintain and pay the salaries of just about three staff. They also spend on average GHC7, 000 every month just on utilities to keep their offices running. And then in order to get people to vote for them, they have to attend social gatherings like funerals, weddings, naming ceremonies and when they go, they are expected to make donations just to be able to look attractive to the people. It could cost up to GHC10, 000 a month,” the research revealed.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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