Youth in Koforidua turn Jackson Park into space for "open sex"

Youth in Koforidua turn Jackson Park into space for "open sex"

The New Juaben Municipality in the Eastern Region has been thrown into a state of worry following an increase in the number of people who have turned the Koforidua Jackson Park to a hotspot for illicit sexual activities.

According to the disturbed residents, the only public space in the municipality has become a ground for youth who engaged in sexual activity openly at night.

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Their worries are that youth in the area have "literally turn[ed] the place to a brothel further defying norms and values of the area to make love under the cover of darkness.", a report by Accra-based UltimateFM stated.

Youth in Koforidua turn Jackson Park into space for "open sex"

Jackson Park, Koforidua

The Koforidua Jackson Park is usually left littered with used condoms and wrappers from sexual enhancement drugs every morning after the nightly illicit activities.

The residents of the area have thus called on authorities to put in place measure that will curb these activities as they believe they could incur the wrath of God for the actions of the sexually active youth in the area.

A woman, identified as "Aunty Ama", spoke to UltimateFM on the issue stressing how they [resident in the area] had to sack people from the park on severally occasions.

She added that, "Anytime I ask these kids about their act, all they have to say is that it is love but love is not all about these shameful acts. Love is found within. If a guy does nasty things such as kissing, fondling your breast, squeezing your buttocks and the rest, with you in public, it simply means that he does not respect you.

He thinks you are not a marriageable material but rather a fun lady. I would, therefore, advice my young boys and girls to refrain from these dirty acts."

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