Five lessons to learn before leaving University

Five lessons to learn before leaving University

In your final year, you are excited and ready to graduate from the university. You cannot wait to step out in the real world,  and see what adulthood is all about.  It all seems well and good till you finally reach that point.

That is where you realize the real world is not as fun as it looks from the outside. Below are 5 lessons  you should learn before leaving university.

1. Live within your means. 

Five lessons to learn before leaving University

Start a savings account while you are in school

This is first and probably the most important lesson of all. Once you leave school, you will realize you are on your own financially. It is important you know how to manage whatever income you earn daily, weekly and monthly. You must create a budget to help manage your finances. You should also already have a savings account set up and make a conscious effort to always put aside some of your income for emergencies and future events.

2. Learn a skill.

Five lessons to learn before leaving University

It is always handy to have one thing you are very good at. This could anything from how to fix a faulty lamp to how to create a website. It not only looks good on your CV but also makes you seem interesting. For example, most employers these days in blue collar jobs require their potential employees to have some knowledge about social media.

3. Make more friends. 

Five lessons to learn before leaving University

The friends that stay close after school are definitely keepers

Once you leave university, you start to lose some of the friends you have already made. It happens, it is not your fault. You all get caught up in your busy new lives and forget to check up on each other. The great thing about having more friends is you get to keep those that really matter. The ones that remain clse to you even with the chaos of life after school are definitely keepers.

4. Expand your knowledge. 

Five lessons to learn before leaving University

There is no such thing as learning too much

In school you will have lots of time to read and you must take advantage of it. Read as many books as you can and on different subjects. If you can, watch some insightful documentaires as well. Having quite a bit of knowledge about the world outside of school helps you communicate better with other people and gives of an understanding of certain issues.

5. Have a plan.

Five lessons to learn before leaving University

Have a goal set in mind, it helps to keep you focused

Knowing where you want to be helps to layout a path for you. Of course things can go wrong at any time but there must always be a plan A, B, C or even D. Plans keep you organized and focused.

What other lessons have you learnt that helped you after university? Share with us in the comments section below.

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