Top 4 shocking COCAINE scandals to rock Ghana

Top 4 shocking COCAINE scandals to rock Ghana

One of Ghana's greatest challenge has been the fight against the illegal drug trade. In fact, the West African state has been described by the UN as the main point of entry for drug trafficking. 

This article brings to light Ghana's greatest cocaine scandals.

Nayele Ametefe cocaine scandal

Ghana was shaken to the core when Ghanaian/Austrian who pleaded guilty to carrying 12 kilos of cocaine to the United Kingdom got sentenced to eights years, eight months’ imprisonment by a court in the UK. Till date, controversies over the political lineage of Nayele remains sketchy both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) keep blaming each other about the scandal.

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Cocaine-turned-baking soda scandal

How in this world can cocaine turn to baking soda? Well, it did happen here in Ghana! The Accra Circuit Court in 2011 was puzzled as to how a substance alleged to be cocaine which was seized from an accused person, confirmed by the police to be cocaine after testing and weighing 1,020 grammes later turned out to be sodium carbonate (commonly known as washing soda) after the court had ordered another test to be conducted by the Ghana Standards Board (GSB). Three years into the investigation, we barely hear of any prosecutions or arrests made.

Cocaine-turned-corn scandal

In 2008, the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), began investigations into how close to 30 slabs of cocaine mysteriously turned to grains of corn while in police custody. This scandal is feared to have lingered in the minds of Ghanaians as most questions the erstwhile administration of President Kufuor's commitment to clamping down on illegal drugs.

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Vanishing of ship-load of cocaine

Former president Kufuor may have a tougher time explaining how a ship-load of cocaine headed to Ghana got missing in 2007. The ship is said to have disappeared even in the wake of Ghana been warned by international security agencies.

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