Mahama entreats Ghanaians not to vote for NPP

Mahama entreats Ghanaians not to vote for NPP

President Mahama has urged Ghanaian voters to reject the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and rather vote for him ahead of the December elections.

Speaking at a rally in the Western region, President Mahama laid these top five reasons why Ghanaians should not vote for the New Patriotic Party (NPP);

1. That the NPP gave birth to United Party (UP) tradition which accused, Dr. Nkrumah of embarking on what he calls ostentatious projects and also embezzled state funds, leading to his overthrow.

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2. That former president, Jerry John Rawlings had advised Ghanaians to beware of the NPP because they’ve been in politics for a long time.

3. "The NPP says  roads, hospitals are not edible and that my government is only incurring huge debts and embezzling state funds claiming we have undertaken projects. They also say Ghanaians rather need money in their pockets, they sung this same song during Nkrumah’s time, today, they are at it again.” -

4. That the NPP is corrupt and fund of embezzling public funds.

5. That the NPP is a violent party not befitting the trust of Ghanaians.

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