Five facts about Ghana's Council of State

Five facts about Ghana's Council of State

Acting on an advice from the Council of State, President Mahama on Monday remitted the sentences of the Montie 3 who had been jailed four months by the Supreme Court for contempt.

Five facts about Ghana's Council of State

President Mahama with members of the Council of State

“The President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has, in consultation with the Council of State and in exercise of his constitutional powers under Article 72 of the Constitution, remitted the remaining prison sentence imposed on three persons: Salifu Maase (alias Mugabe), Alistair Nelson and Ako Gunn who were sentenced to 4 months imprisonment and a fine of GHȻ10,000.00 each for contempt of court. The remission is effective 26th August 2016,” a statement issued by the communications ministry said.

Today, YEN brings you five things you may not have known about the Council of State:

1. The Council of State in Ghana is a small body of prominent citizens, analogous to the Council of Elders in the traditional political system, which advises the President on national issues.

2. It was established by Articles 89 to 92 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana: "There shall be a Council of State to counsel the President in the performance of his functions."

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3. The Council of State includes a former chief justice of Ghana, a former chief of defence Staff and a former inspector general of Police and the President of the National House of Chiefs.

4. Each region of Ghana has an elected representative on the council and the President of Ghana also elects eleven members.

5. Members of the council  stay in office until the term of office of the president ends.

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