'How my daughter's obsessed suitor stabbed her dead'

'How my daughter's obsessed suitor stabbed her dead'

A 53-year-old woman, Mrs Christiana Ashinwo, has shared a heart-wrenching account of how she and her 30-year-old daughter, Oluwatosin Ashinwo, were attacked by a knife-wielding obsessed suitor of the young lady, David Ogundele, 45, in Kwara State, Nigeria.

'How my daughter's obsessed suitor stabbed her dead'

The late Oluwatosin Ashinwo (left) and David Ogundele.

Mrs Ashinwo, who is based in Lagos State, told the Punch newspaper, that she first got to know David when he called her on phone and introduced himself as “Engineer David”, before asking her to beg her daughter, a worker at MTN, to marry him.

She said she told him that at 30, her daughter was old enough to choose who to marry.

She said the next time David called, he sounded very angry and said that he had never been humiliated the way her daughter humiliated him.

“He said he organised a birthday party for her and invited his friends and even bought a car as gift but she did not honour the invitation.

“I did not know what to say. My daughter already had a car and already has someone else she wanted to marry. I told him not to be annoyed and forget about the issue since my daughter had made up her mind.”

Mrs Ashinwo said she started having some bad dreams about her daughter and so decided to travel to Ilorin, kwara State, to visit her.

She said when she got there, her daughter took her to a woman who seemed to be her confidante.

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According to her, the woman informed her while they were eating that her daughter had a fight with a man called Engineer David who threatened to kill her.

“I did not waste time; I stood up and told her I must report to the police. But my daughter told me to let the matter go. She said I was just making a big issue out of a small matter.

“She said that was why she did not like telling me some things sometimes. I let the matter go because I did not want to be like an overzealous mother.”

But it turned out to be a decision she would forever regret.

'How my daughter's obsessed suitor stabbed her dead'

Mrs Christiana Ashinwo

Madam Ashinwo said the next day, a Sunday, she and her daughter returned home from a social event and entered her flat.

According to her, David who had been lurking around the apartment cornered them inside, armed with a knife.

“He entered and locked the door behind him and put the key in his pocket. I had just finished bathing when my daughter called out to me that he was in the flat. I quickly dressed and prepared to meet the man that had been disturbing me so much with calls. When I saw him, I said ‘Good day, pleased to meet you’ and he replied that ‘there is nothing good about today’.”

She said as soon as she saw him, she sighted the knife he was holding and asked him what the problem was.

She said David was saying so many things she did not understand, so she asked him if her daughter owed him any money, adding that she was ready to pay if that was the case.

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She said the man, consumed by anger, responded that Tosin did not owe him any money.

“I told him that even if they offended each other, it should not be that bad that it would require the use of a knife. I told them they could still be friends. When I realised he had no intention of dropping the knife, I went down on my knees. I was begging him to drop the knife. Then, he came to where I knelt and carried me up.

“Just when I thought the issue would end, he rushed at Tosin and held her down on the bed. He started stabbing her furiously. As my daughter screamed, I rushed at him. I could not just stand and he started stabbing me too over the body.”

'How my daughter's obsessed suitor stabbed her dead'

Scars from stabbing on Mrs Ashinwo’s back

According to the Punch report, after violently stabbing the women, David dropped the knife and locked them in the room.

Mrs Ashinwo reportedly tried to call out to her daughter who was bleeding from various parts of her body but found out that she was too weak to shout.

She is said to have later heard someone in a kitchen behind her daughter’s window and managed to call for help.

Neighbours are said to have broken into the apartment and rushed the two women to the hospital, where Tosin was pronounced dead on arrival.

Mrs Ashinwo’s injuries were said to have been so severe that she spent two months in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

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The report added that using undercover agents, police officials tracked down and arrested David, who had fled after the attack.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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