"Nana Addo does not have cancer" - doctor clarifies

"Nana Addo does not have cancer" - doctor clarifies

Contrary to publications by a magazine on how the flag-bearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo was suffering from cancer, his personal doctor has come to clarify that the politician has a a clean bill of health.

According to Akufo-Addo's doctor, Professor Yaw Adu-Gyamfi, the NPP stalwart has never being diagnosed with cancer or undergone treatment for it.

"Nana Addo does not have cancer" - doctor clarifies

Nana Addo in parliament

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Prof. Adu-Gyamfi also noted that the publications in the Africa Watch Magazine should not just be disregarded but also treated with comtempt and be considered malicious.

The August edition of the Africa Watch magazine suggested that a leaked dossier from the Wellington Hospital in UK which Nana Addo is believed to frequent indicates he is unwell with acute ailments.

"Nana Addo does not have cancer" - doctor clarifies

Nana Addo promises

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The magazine in its report mentioned that Akufo-Addo was diagnosed of prostate cancer in June 2013, with a high prostate – specific Antigen (PSA) count of 89.9, very much above the 3.72 upper range it should have been — according to the British doctors.

"Nana Addo does not have cancer" - doctor clarifies

Africa Watch Magazine - Nana Addo Has Cancer

Nana Addo's personal medical doctor, who was speaking on the Accra-based Joy FM, Saturday, 3 September reiterated that the claims by the magazine are false and without merit.

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He also revealed that Nana Addo was recently examined in June 2016 and no trace of cancer was found in his system.

Nana Addo's PSA as done in June is 0.03 well below the fall level and it's well below the 89 as quoted in the article. He doesn’t have any cancer,” Prof. Adu-Gyamfi affirmed. “Anybody with cancer with that kind of thing… will not be able to run around as he is doing.”

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The article goes on to say he has acute renal problem, acute kidney injury and all that… now when you have acute renal failure usually you are unable to pass urine or minimal urine. Nana Addo drinks water freely wherever he goes and eats anything that is put before him. He can’t have any kidney problem and he does not,” Prof. Adu-Gyamfi emphasised.

"Nana Addo does not have cancer" - doctor clarifies

The Wellington Hospital in North London

However, the Wellington Hospital, mentioned in the alleged malicious report, has released a statement clarifying that despite the saga, there are bound by law to never details of their clients to the public.

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