Find out the secrets of successful salespeople at 'Step Up'

Find out the secrets of successful salespeople at 'Step Up'

This September, Accra's foremost monthly forum for corporate executives, 'Step Up' will focus on the Secrets of Successful Salespeople.

Find out the secrets of successful salespeople at 'Step Up'

In a competitive business environment, sales is the defining factor that separates successful businesses from the struggling. With so many offers available to the modern consumer, a lot depends on how a business is able to communicate its advantages.

This is a lot of pressure on sales departments as well as the individuals who work in them.

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'Step Up' in September will focus on how those who succeeds in sales, do, while pointing out the errors that prevent others from soaring in sales. The panelists will share their thoughts on how barriers in sales will be surmounted as well as proven techniques in the field.

Presenting the keynote will be Sam Addo, General Manager at MTN Business. He will be joined in the discussion by Gillian Hammah, Chief Marketing Officer, Databank Group; Matthew Ansah, Sales & Marketing Manager, Petronia City Development Ltd & Wonda World Estates; and Andrew Annor Apo, Team Leader at Max International. William Rich, Chief Executive Officer of Rich Investment Realty will moderate the discussion.

The event will come off at 5pm on 8th September 2016 at the British Council in Accra.

Call or WhatsApp 0246890930 to sign up your sales team to increase their capacity to deliver more results. You can also buy tickets at any Max Mart shop in Accra.

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Step Up is a monthly event that brings together entrepreneurs and corporate executives for focused discussions on various aspects of business and networking.

Premier Trend, which is the behind the concept and the organization, is supported by MTN Business, Yoks Rent-A-Car and YEN and various other partners.

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