Diamond Appiah blasts Mzbel

Diamond Appiah blasts Mzbel

Only days after the feud between Mzbel and Lucky Mensah began, another musician has also joined the fight, igniting her own fire in the mix. Diamond Appiah has expressed remarks about some things Mzbel said about their colleague musician, Lucky Mensah. 

Earlier this week, Mzbel in an interview took to called Lucky Mensah a selfish, demanding liar and apparently exposed the reason for his switch from the NDC to the NPP. There was a comeback from Luck Mensah who demanded Mzbel to check her facts before calling him out. Now musician turned politician has brought forth her opinion on the matter in a facebook post.

Diamond Appiah blasts Mzbel

The UPP candidate for the Trobu-Amasaman constituency asked Lucky Mensah to not pay attention to his critics who had no true knowledge of what transpired and that he should not waste his time on them.

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She wrote, " My dear Lucky Mensah, I beg you in the name of dignity not to waste ur time n breathe on those dead n irrelevant “Porn Stars” who don’t know anything about you or the NDC (The party they claim to have endorsed). The Party doesn’t even recognize them as a relevant member. I believe we all saw John Dumelo n other relevant celebrities who mounted the party’s platform recently and other well-respected musicians who were contracted to perform at the event those wanabees were not invited.

The real members of NDC know ur story n what transpired between you and the Late David Lamptey. So please do not waste ur time on ppl who don’t matter but only want to ride on NDC for attention to resurrect their dead brand which was respectably buried at the Awodome Cemetery 5 years ago. Keep on with your good work for mother Ghana!"

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