Truth revealed by 100 women: what makes a guy good in bed

Truth revealed by 100 women: what makes a guy good in bed

Most men enjoy sex from the first time and with no fails ever. Of course, there might be ups and downs, but it’s hard for them to believe that for women it’s different.

And the fact is that getting into bed with a man most women are usually ready to at least one of these three scenarios:

- The experience will be pretty bad or short;

- She will not finish;

- She will feel self-conscious.

Finding out about it most men feel sort of bad, and not only personally, but also as a collective representation of all guys that have been doing something wrong seems like forever. If they knew better, they would probably do it. So let’s see what women think about the ways of making it better on the male side.

Truth revealed by 100 women: what makes a guy good in bed

100 women, ages 19 to 50, were surveyed to get the representative information about what makes a man great in bed. The women were given a list of 15 actions that men can do and asked to rank all of them. At the end they were asked to add some other actions that may have not been included into the survey.

Here are the results. So men, please note it and remember it!

1. Engage in foreplay

Almost 86% of women say that foreplay is really important while many men prefer to just skip this step. Making out, licking woman’s boobs, fingering – that is a good beginning that can lead to a great result. Use your imagination and try different body parts. Go for the neck, fingers or forehead.

90% of women say that it’s somehow important or very important for them. Do you really want to keep skipping it?

2. Stay in good physical shape

For 90% of women it is important that you have enough energy to keep up for a long time and not get tired too easily in bed. It’s not about multiple rounds as those are essential for only 33%.

Good physical shape doesn’t mean huge muscles and a six-pack. It’s just about your ability not to make a water break every five minutes. Getting tired is not sexy, especially if it happens in five minutes after the beginning.

Being in good shape you don’t have to worry about finishing too soon. For some women it is important that you can withhold your orgasm, but for others it’s okay if you finish in two minutes but can continue hooking up.

3. Go down on a lady

Generally, men go down on women rarely, and that’s frustrating. You men just don’t do it for some reason. And 82% of women say it is somewhat or very important for them. If you are not sure, just see what happens if you head down south. She might stop you, but according to results of the survey, it isn’t likely.

4.Roughhouse her lightly

Feel free being a little rough sometimes. 75% of women agree that this is important. So if you crave for some mild-slapping, hair-pulling or something of this sort, go for it. But remember about word “lightly” here. Never leave bruises, please!

5. Take control and spice things up

Most women (96%) say that it’s important that man dominates and takes control in bed. For many of them (86%) it is also important that you choose positions that are not missionary. That is probably good news for you, so keep it in mind and don’t forget.

You can vary not only positions, but also tempo and rhythm. It’s not fun to be jackhammered through all the act. Try to add some variations.

6. PG-level dirty talk

Be careful here. More than half women say that it’s not important that you say something like “fu*k your wet pussy” or something like that, PG-level things like “you’re so hot” work fine for about 74% of ladies. Try that and see how it works. Maybe you’ll need something stronger for your women after all, who knows.

7. Make woman to have an orgasm

That is pretty obvious, right? 73% of women say that it’s not just somewhat important, but very important. Don’t forget about it!

8. But stop trying if an orgasm is definitely not going to happen

Even if you do everything right, an orgasm might just not happen. It’s not because you are loser, it’s because vaginas are fickle and it’s not as easy to work with them as with dicks.

You should realize that it is somewhat or very important for most women (89% according to the survey) that you know when to stop trying if it’s not going to happen. The problem is that if you try too hard, it can be too sensitive and hurt. Even though most women really appreciate the effort, sometimes it’s better to just stop in time.

9. Cuddle after sex

It’s a cliché, but true. Many women say it is important for them. However, one woman also mentioned that it is important to leave a lady alone when the cuddling is over. It’s all about balance, but you’ll get it if you want.

10. Listen to feedback

It can be verbal or non-verbal, but 84% of women say that it’s important that you to adjust your actions according to the feedback. Being open to feedback was even mentioned in the end of the survey several times, which shows the level of importance.

Some guys take feedback as an insult, and this is so wrong. Listen to woman who tries to explain you what is that she really wants. It will make your life easier and your woman happier!

And that can bring you something you’ve been wanting for a while. Like that blowjob, that is already on the way while you are doing something from this list.


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