Reasons to eat chocolate all day, every day

Reasons to eat chocolate all day, every day

If you don't love chocolate, well I feel bad for you. You must have had a terrible experience as a child. Because chocolate is good for you; it is a happy, sweet delicacy that must be enjoyed by all. It is also healthy, so you actually have no excuse why not to eat it, unless you are allergic. Even that I don't believe you.

Reasons to eat chocolate all day, every day

This is not just for the ladies, but for men as well. Sex is overrated. It is. There are some things that are way better than sex...Jollof for instance. However, we are looking at chocolate today. Why chocolate is so special. These are 7 very convincing reasons why chocolate is better than sex:

1. Chocolate won't get you pregnant. It really wouldn't. You can have chocolate all day every day, all throughout the month and there is no risk of getting pregnant.

2. Chocolate won't break your heart. Chocolate will always be there for you, it will always be ready to shield you and take care of you without any problem.

3. You can have chocolate in any mood. Even when you are in a bad mood, that's the best time to have chocolate. It makes you feel better instantly. Chocolate is an 'all-weather' treat.

4. Chocolate isn't expensive. You don't have to spend so much money just to enjoy it. All you need is a small bag of chocolates and you are good to go.

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5. With chocolate, there are no commitment issues. You can choose between different brands of chocolate and you don't have to commit to just one. You are free to explore different varieties of chocolates.

6. You don't have to beg for chocolate. This is probably on of the best reasons why chocolate is better than sex. You never have to beg for it. Chocolate is available all day, everywhere and you can have it whenever you feel like it.

7. You are always satisfied. Chocolate never disappoints and there is no such thing as too much chocolate. You can have as much chocolate as you want, and you will always be happy.

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