10 things real woman won't tolerate

10 things real woman won't tolerate

The secret of happy relationship with a man is simple - you have to establish some borders. What does it mean? Imagine people who respect each other in relationship, what are their eyes, with what intonation do they talk, what are they wearing, how they behave? I know what you're thinking about, two polite people, you can notice no negative in their behavior.

10 things real woman won't tolerate

So, everything that is out of border - you should not accept. 

It's very important to establish those boundaries at the beginning of relationship with a man. A person try to make a good impression, he will do a lot to get your attention. Later things change, people won't do things so others would like them. Why is it important? Note: if a man let himself to be late for a date for 30 minutes, later it will be okay for him to be late for 3 hours. If he's swearing in front of you, and you pay no attention, he will never stop doing this in front of you.

A woman who respects herself won't tolerate this! Besides, following things will be warnings for her:

- 50:50 relationship. He's controlling everything to make sure you do (and pay) your part.

- Asks you to pay the bill on a first date, or whatever-number date. This may be very old-fashioned,but those are different things when you suggest to go in halfs and when he says he'll be paying for himself and you - for yourself.

- Late without even warning you. And he can not explain why he's late.

- Do not show up at all. So he did not call, even though he promised. He doesn't respect you.

- Constantly delays your dates or cancel them. Extra wheels the car has, you deserve to be the only one!

- Lies. He lies about where he spends his time, about his future plans.

- His jokes are humiliating. Only a stupid and weak men humiliate women.

- Asks money from you.

- Flirting with other women.

- Introduce you as his friend and not girlfriend. He's just not serious about you!

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