NPP responsible for lies about Alban Bagabin- Asiedu Nketiah

NPP responsible for lies about Alban Bagabin- Asiedu Nketiah

The general secretary of the NDC, Asiedu Nketia popularly called general mosquito has accused the NPP of causing the unrest brewing in among the members of the NDC over Mahama's supposed wish for Alban Bagbin to lose at the elections. He said the move is by the NPP who want to get the majority leader out of parliament and are making it seem like President Mahama wants the same as well.

In the early years of Mahama's term in the presidency, he and Alban Bagbin had a rocking relationship as the latter accused the president of having a 'friends and family' government. However, the relationship seemed to have improved over the years Bagbin was later brought into government under the appointment by President Mahama.

NPP responsible for lies about Alban Bagabin- Asiedu Nketiah

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As the election period fast approaches, there have rumours circulating that the president is scheming to have Bagbin lost in the parliamentary elections. Asiedu Nketia has denied this rumours stating the NPP is using traitors in the NDC to cause the current state of unrest and distrust among party members.

"It is not everybody who want Bagbin in Parliament and those who dread his name want to find ways of removing him from Parliament. But if they come frontally they know they will be defeated. So they are coming through us, the NDC people. The NPP, the name they fear in Parliament is Bagbin. They go behind and use some of the NDC people so that they will appear to be attacking from within and then NPP will say it is his own people who are fighting him we don't have anything to do with it" he said.

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He added that the lies that are going around are because the NPP is using pliable NDC hands to further their agenda. He further affirmed that the rumours circulating this issue were false and as a result of people who were pretending to be NDC members.

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