NDC thugs have been monitoring us- Agya Koo

NDC thugs have been monitoring us- Agya Koo

Kumawood actor Adu Kofi, who is best known as Agya Koo, has stated he is being trailed by some thugs of the NDC. He disclosed that a V8 cross-country vehicle.  in particular, was following him and his team around Kumasi during their campaign trips and meetings.

According to the actor, ever since he launched a campaign for the NPP and its flagbearer, the vehicle has been following them and monitoring their activities. He is accusing the National Democratic Congress of being behind the act.

In an interview with Abusua FM's Kwame Adinkrah, Agya Koo stated that he and his team had noticed the vehicle always in the vicinity of their meetings, watching their activities. He was curious about the motive of the driver of the vehicle and warned the NDC to stop monitoring them.

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"I don’t understand why NDC people threaten and insults celebrities who have endorsed NPP, can’t we as Ghanaians do politics devoid of insults, I have been insulted on so many occasions on the airwaves, nobody has called me on phone to threaten me, but ever since we started campaigning for NPP, a certain V8 vehicle has been trailing our movements, he/she always parks at places we go at a close distance watching us, we are also on alert, so he/she should stay off," the actor said.

He further added that there was nothing wrong with celebrities endorsing political leaders of their choice, noting that the celebrities in the NDC are not vilified, whereas those in the NPP camp are harassed constantly and unnecessarily.

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He did not understand why Ghanaians refused to campaign peacefully but would rather engage in personal attacks and insults. He then called on the citizens to vote for the NPP for a positive change for Ghana.

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