Pastor allegedly warns Ghanaians to avoid love making between 12am and 3am

Pastor allegedly warns Ghanaians to avoid love making between 12am and 3am

- A pastor has been quoted as saying that making love between 12am and 3pm is dangerous

- The pastor said 12am to 3am is the period that angels visit people with answers to their prayers

- He said when the angels see couples making love during this period, they return to heaven without delivering the blessings they brought

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A Twitter user, Boakye Mensah Ohene, has warned that making love between 12am and 3am could be "dangerous"

In a series of tweets, Ohene claimed that his pastor told him that the period between 12 and 3am was the "worst time to have sex".

He quoted the pastor as saying that God sends angels to bless people and bring the responses to their prayers around that time.

According to him, when the angels come to see couples making love, they leave with the responses to prayers and other blessings they brought because they are forbidden from seeing the nakedness of people.

Avoid making love between 12am and 3am - Pastor

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The claim provoked criticism from members of the public on social media, with some accusing the pastor of distorting the message of God.

"People these days are preaching their own words, not the word of God ... Please where in the Bible [does] God forbid married couple to have sex between 12am - 3am?" one commenter said. reader, Jacob Kluste, rejected the pastor's assertion, saying that God sees everything people do at every point in time.

In his view, the only thing people need to do to access God's blesings is to follow the instructions of God and be faithful to him.

"...God will bring your blessings as couples as far as you do the right things, walk in God's way and all other things shall be added unto you according to his riches and glory," he said., reader, Jonas Aryee, however agreed with the pastor, saying that there are eight watches.

He said the first watch, which he called the intercessor's watch, is from 6pm-9pm.

He said the second watch is from 9am -12:00am and it is called battle watch or warfare. According to Aryee, the seventh watch is when angels come with blessings for people who pray.

"The scripture is in Job 33:15-16 for the seventh watch. God seals your instruction, plants in you and shows you what you are going to do when you wake up. It is the watch that the seraphins , Cherubims and angels [can] be on assignment for you," he wrote.

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