7 reasons Akua Donkor is still a famous politician

7 reasons Akua Donkor is still a famous politician

Akua Donkor is the founder and leader of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP). She has been in business as a famous politics over the past four to eight years. One spark that never leaves the shine of Akua Donkor is the creative ways by which she always strives to stay relevant even when she knows she may never be president of Ghana. But how does she do this, what are her magical secrets?

7 reasons Akua Donkor is still a famous politician

Akua Donkor appears to be a clean and innocent presidential candidate 

1. Ghanaians love to be entertained. Akua Donkor does exactly that!

The general elections would have stayed boring had it not been for Akua Donkor's decision to run for president. Come to think of the funny statements she continues to make on radio and television, Akua Donkor in fact, beat Hassan Ayariga to it when it comes to political comedy. No Ghanaian will love an election without Akua Donkor!

2. Appealing to the minds of the masses

Akua Donkor is definitely not an astute lawyer or engineer. She is a normal woman who appeals to a large group of  uneducated Ghanaians. She uses this advantage to press home her policies and trust Akua, she always wins.

3. The tool of controversy

Akua Donkor stirs much controversy. She tries in her own small way to raise political issues that will get the main political parties crashing their heads in disagreement as she sits back and monitors. You remember when she allegedly stated that President Mahama had gifted her with a Pajero and three-bedroom flat? Yea!

4. Being a friend of all political candidates

Never expect Akua Donkor to be on national television or social media debating issues with her political contenders. Why will she dare do that when in fact, she does not even plan winning the general elections? All she is concerned about is to remain a balance in Ghana's heated political environment.

5. Drawing motivation from a ruling party

You may have read of the funny time when Akua Donkor's phone rang with the ringtone of NDC's campaign song? Never think it was a mistake. As Akua carefully stated, President Mahama is her son and that she commends him for ending the "dumsor" crisis in Ghana. This is a political tactic we are yet to fully understand.

6. Using the magic of a mother

Ghanaians love their mothers and grandmums. No doubt about that. Akua Donkor is a mum. She will definitely not receive the backlash her male contenders receive day in and day out. So what does she do? She uses the magic of motherhood to innocently get Ghanaians admire her for her bravery and patriotism.

7. The tool of innocence

Speaking of innocence, Akua Donkor is barely in the news for the wrong reasons. Well, not to my notice. No committee of inquiry has leveled a bribery allegation against her, neither has she been cited for any form of corrupt practice so far. This makes her the best "innocent" candidate Ghanaians have ever met.

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