Teacher arrested for attempting to sodomise 19-year-old boy

Teacher arrested for attempting to sodomise 19-year-old boy

A teacher in the Atebubu town in Brong-Ahafo region has been arrested for attempting to engage in sexual intercourse with  a 19-year-old boy, whom he lured through Facebook. The 31-year-old was arrested on Saturday night following investigations made by the police after the student initially made the report.

The suspect Baayi Binbi Joshua, upon his arrest, disclosed that he had been since 2003 when his 'school father' back in secondary school introduced him to the act.

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On Tuesday, the suspect was arraigned before the Atebubu Magistrate court on two counts of unnatural carnal knowledge. The officer in charge of the case, District Police Commander, Chief Supt. Joseph Dzinaku disclosed that the suspect Binbi Joshua met the young student through the Facebook social media site.

After communicating for a while, Joshua allegedly proposed his love to the student, who was alarmed at the new development and told his older brother.The boy and his elder brother then reported the matter to the police, after they had decided to keep set a trap for Joshua so he would be arrested.

The teacher then mentioned to the boy that he would be in Atebubu soon and wanted to meet with him, to engage in sexual relations so they would seal their relationship. The boy accepted and arranged to meet with the teacher on Saturday, where Joshua was said to have told the boy that he had a house in the vicinity. Just as Joshua was about taking off his clothes, the police barged in arrested him.

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After his arrest, Joshua admitted to the crime, stating that he had been possessed by the devil. He added that he had gone to see T.B Joshua but to no avail. He pleaded that the police forgive him and let him goes as he was being possessed. He will be arraigned before the court next Tuesday.

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