John Dumelo is the King of Instagram and here's why

John Dumelo is the King of Instagram and here's why

Actor, producer and now politician John Dumelo is one of the celebrities who knows how to rock his social media platforms, especially for his fans. He never disappoints with his posts, there is always something new and insightful; a funny video, some inspirational words or just a random photo.

But of course, there is always room for more people. These are why John Dumelo deserves all of his Instagram followers, plus more:

1. He spoils us with many very dapper photos of himself. Look at that sexy smile.

2. His words of inspiration can calm a raging ocean.

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3. His hilarious memes are to die for

4. There is never a dull moment with his funny videos

5. John Dumelo doesn't mind sharing his dreams and aspirations with us and we totally love that about him

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6. He is absolutely friendship goals all day every day

7. Plus he is completely sexy in a chef's hat

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8. And he is one of the hottest actors in Ghana, who needs more reason than that?

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