Reasons why you should not throw away your orange peels

Reasons why you should not throw away your orange peels

The next time you take oranges and want to discard the peels, you should think of the amazing benefits you are about to put to waste. 

Reasons why you should not throw away your orange peels

The orange peels that are often thrown away are packed with nutrients and beneficial compounds that will do your body a whole lot of good.

Apart from the loaded dose of vitamin C that we get to obtain from oranges, the peels have the ability to cleanse the lungs and help us fight the toxins that may irritate the tissues in the lung.

Oranges contain lots of nutrients and enzymes that help the body function properly. The orange peels contain a powerful antioxidant called flavanones; they help in fighting free radicals and also help to reduce the damage that may be caused by oxidation.

Orange peels are naturally loaded with histamine suppressing compounds. This is quite useful for those who have sleeping disorders. There are numerous reasons why you should not discard your orange peels.

Since it has been established that the orange peels are good for you, you can either use them in their fresh or dried form. The dried orange peels last longer.

Find some of the amazing benefits you can derive from orange peels below:

1. Support against respiratory distress

Orange peels have cleansing effect; they help break down and expel congestion. They contain enzymes, fiber, pectin and vitamin C. Vitamin C is an immunity booster as it helps prevent cold and flu.

Although the taste of peel is somewhat bitter, some people eat it because they focus more on the benefits they tend to derive from it. The peel can be added to a smoothie or other recipes if you cannot eat it raw.

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2. Helps to improve the skin tone

The vitamin C present in orange peels does amazing things for the skin. It gives the skin a healthy glow and adds to its suppleness.

Orange peels can be dried and made into powder. The powder is made into a paste by adding honey and yogurt to it. This can be applied on the face and neck for about twenty minutes before rinsing off.

Using orange peels on the skin help get rid of dark spots and blemishes. Harmful ultraviolet rays can be blocked when this is applied on the skin.

3. For whitening the teeth

Orange peels contain d-limonene, this is a compound that helps reduce the stains on the teeth. Stains gotten from smoking can also be removed with the peels obtained from oranges.

The inside of an orange peel can be rubbed over the teeth for about three minutes, rinse your mouth afterwards. Alternatively, you can make a paste from the orange peel powder. Using this paste will whiten your teeth.

4. A natural sponge

Orange peels have other uses apart from the health benefits we derive from them. They can be used as a sponge. These peels contain essential oils that can help remove grease from surfaces if they are not completely dried. An orange peel can be used to clean the sink.

5. They help get rid of putrid smells

When orange peels are boiled, they help freshen the air in the kitchen. Adding a cinnamon stick or mint in the mix will help freshen the air. Burning dried orange peels in the house will also release a wonderful smell into your space.

6. For preventing itchy scalp

Adding the peels gotten from orange to homemade shampoo will give your hair a nice citrus smell. It will also help to prevent itchy scalp.

7. Homemade refrigerator deodorizer

Orange peels can be used as deodorizers for the refrigerator. To do this, you need to eat the fruit from the inside; add salt to half of the peel and place it in a bowl in the fridge for about a week or two.

8. Aids digestion

Orange peel tea can be made by adding dried orange peels to boiled water. You can add honey to it if you want to sweeten it. Taking this tea aids digestion.

9. They help get rid of cats

If you are not a lover of cats and worry about them being around your space, you should spread some orange peels around your house. Cats will stay away because they do not like the smell of oranges.

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10. Assists in weight loss

If you are keen on shedding some weight, you can take orange peel tea often. Organic orange peels are simply the best if a positive result is to be gotten from this.

Dry the peels obtained from organic oranges and add a tablespoon of it to hot water. This should be covered and left for about ten minutes. Honey could be added to sweeten the tea.


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