Here are things you can do if your 'thing' is too big for her

Here are things you can do if your 'thing' is too big for her

There is absolutely no fun in making love with your partner when she dreads being with you and squirms when she is beneath you. Except you are not concerned about her reactions, take some minutes to read this.

Here are things you can do if your 'thing' is too big for her

We know many men feel good about themselves when they know they are big down there; they often tease girls about it as they know what other guys go through while trying to satisfy their women.

Satisfaction during love making is not by size; of what use is your 'thing' if it brings so much discomfort to your partner while you are on? If you do not take time to read this carefully, you are most likely to define how things go in that relationship.

Being endowed comes with a price at the long run; not every woman wants a man with a big third leg. The pain and discomfort they get from penetration can kill their sex drive; they also have to slow down most of the times in order not to hurt their partners.

You will find these tips helpful as they will help reduce the pain and agony of your partner when it comes to poking her with your big 'thing'. Find some of the things you can do if your 'thing' is too big for her:

1. Have an open discussion

Do not be shy to sit your partner down to talk about your sex life. While you are proud of being endowed down there, you also have to show concern for your partner who may not be so down with it.

Try and allay her fears about it when you talk; you also have to exercise patience with her in order not to hurt her in the process. You both have to agree that rough sex may not be for you if her body is yet to adapt to your size so you do not end up bruising her.

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2. Find out the sex positions that will suit you both

Being endowed comes with a lot of responsibility; do not be selfish. You may have to give up on some positions if they will put more strain on her.

Some position may make you go deeper into her; this might not be enjoyable as you be poking her on the inside. Since you are in that position, you have to research the positions that suit guys like you in order to make sex pleasurable for your partner.

Doing it from the behind while standing will not make you gain depth, You can also face each other by supporting her thigh while you go in. Conclusively, you can try positions that will make her have control of the depth.

3. Do other things that bring her pleasure

It is not compulsory for you to pleasure a woman by penetrating her. You can try doing other things that will cause her to feel as much pleasure as possible. This is about knowing her body and the part that gives her the highest sensation.

You can stimulate her clitoris while doing touching her. You can nibble, lick or kiss the parts that she responds most to. This will help get her in the mood and ease the pain that your 'thing' might have caused her.

It is also advisable for you to use lube from time to time in order to aid penetration. Having dry sex when your 'thing' is too big for her will bruise her.

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