Unusual ways God will provide for you in this hard time

Unusual ways God will provide for you in this hard time

Times are hard; people are going nuts because of the situation of things in the society. Graduates are frustrated as a result of the things happening around them. 

Really, this is not a good time for country as small scale businesses have failed; the rich are complaining while the poor are becoming hunger stricken. As bad as things are, the working class people are managing; we should focus more on the unemployed graduates who do not have any means of survival.

Life is hard for people in this bracket; the economic recession does not favour them at all as those who sponsor them do not have enough money to throw around. Everyone seems to be in a tight corner as no one knows how terrible this phase will be and for how long it will last.

So when things get ugly and life becomes dull what do you do? Do you resort to joining bad gangs and doing things that will bring shame unto your family? Do you get suicidal and wish the world will come to an end? Or do you simply go on your knees in prayers to God?

Taking your problems to God seem like the best option as these things are beyond you. Depending on your level of faith, things may take a miraculous turn for you. As bad as this economic recession is, you need to acknowledge the fact that there are some people in the society who are getting paid.

Job interviews are still be done with people getting employed every now and then. This could be you, this could be your life. No one is asking you to go diabolical and make sacrifices in order for you to stand out. However, you need to acknowledge the presence of a divine being who oversees things.

You will be disappointed to see that no one is going to force any religion on you here. Pray to whoever your faith supports and hold on to fast to your dreams. Find below some of the unusual ways God will provide for you in this economic recession:

1. The embedded talent

Unusual ways God will provide for you in this hard time

No one is born useless; everyone has one talent or the other that has been embedded in him. What makes many people fail in life is the fact that they have not sat down to search themselves and know the things they are really good at.

There are so many people that are wasting their talents by labouring in vain and striving to be like other people. You may be unemployed but unique; pray to God for inspiration and He will show you the way.

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2. Invest in natural resources

Unusual ways God will provide for you in this hard time

There are many natural resources that God has placed in your care; take your time to study your environment and see what could be gotten from it. Technology has been helpful in many ways as it will also help you package these resources and make them attractive to people around.

Before you can go on with this investment, you have to note the needs of the people around you. This will help you know the viability and marketability of the goods you want to sell.

3. By lending you support emotionally

Unusual ways God will provide for you in this hard time

People should see the trials and challenges they face as God's divine ways of preparing them for greater heights.

When your mentality about life changes, you are bound to go into deep reflections that will help you focus on the problem and not the people that are prosperous. There is no need for you to sly your neighbour or friend because he is richer.

There will always be somebody that can help you get through your trial period. If you are constantly filled with resentments towards the government and the administration running, you may not be able to see the next opportunity even if it was in your face.

4. Inspiring you with great ideas

Unusual ways God will provide for you in this hard time

Being unemployed is frustrating; you are constantly filled with thoughts of settling bills and not being embarrassed by your uneducated house owners.

You can make a list of the services needed by people around you and find a way of making yourself useful in those areas.

Remember that humility will help you gain the favour of people around. Many people believe in humble beginnings. A positive mindset will change your life and make you think out of the box.

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Unusual ways God will provide for you in this hard time

God tests our patience in unusual ways; being unemployed is a phase that cannot last forever. You need to exercise patience as you embark on a self-discovery journey.

Let God work through you; do not lose your chill and throw away your good manners because of the economic recession. Stealing, kidnapping and being fetish may not be your way; you may get caught on your first attempt and get lynched.

Since you did not write your destiny, exercise a little patience and see how things will unfold. When there is life, there is hope. God will provide!

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