PPP hauls EC to High Court for contempt

PPP hauls EC to High Court for contempt

The Progressive People's Party (PPP) is headed to court today to cite the Electoral Commision for contempt after the insiution accepted the party's filing fees last week.

The PPP had filed a suit at the High Court calling for an injunction on the presidential and parliamentary fees after the EC announced the new fees at the IPAC meeting a few weeks ago. The filing fees are said to have increased by at least 50%.

The PPP said that the decision to accept the filing fees by the EC while the application for a review of the said fees was still pending was an insult to the court.

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Last week, as Electoral Commission accepted the GHC 50,000 filing fees from Paa Kwesi Nduom, the presidential aspirant of the PPP. The EC explained that since the PPP brought the fees on their own accord despite their own injunction suit at the court, the EC had every right to accept the fees and retain them.

PPP hauls EC to High Court for contempt

Kofi Asamoah-Siaw, the olicy adviser for the PPP has dismissed the EC's justification for accepting the fees saying, "If you read the injunction application filed earlier, it was restraining the Commission from receiving or collecting, it had nothing to do with presentation."

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The PPP on Wdnesday, Septembe 28 filed a suit at the High Court against the Electoral Commission stating that the filing fees amounting to GHC 50,000 for presidential candidates and GHC 10, 000 were illegal. The PPP added that the demand for a deposit before allowing parties to file the nomination forms was 'arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable,' and filed for an injunction to stop the EC from collecting fees.

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Last Thursda, the EC rejected the filing fees from the other poltical parties stating since there was a pending applcation for an injunction against them in court, their hands were tied.

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