Here is what you do if you have become his side chick!

Here is what you do if you have become his side chick!

This horrible moment may have come to your life: you realized the truth. You are his side chick! What’s to be done next? These 7 tips will help you handle the situation and avoid the frustration.

When you get to this point in your life, the truth may be too bitter to accept it. However, you can handle any situation and fix it, if you want to. So, follow these simple hints on coping with being the side chick.

1. Own it up

Here is what you do if you have become his side chick!

You may have never planned on being one and even despised the girls who did it. And here you are! Well, avoiding the truth is the worst thing to do. You need to tell it at least to yourself. And it involves some consequences, but also offers some solutions.

Besides telling yourself: I am a side chick, you should also understand what it means. It may mean he will never break up with his wife and marry you! It also says he does not carry much responsibility for you. What happens if you get pregnant? Will he take care of you and the baby? Are you willing to spend years of your life on a man, who is under no obligation to you?

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All these are tough, but honest questions to ask. And once you get the possible answers, it becomes much easier to decide what to do next.

 2. Get your life!

Here is what you do if you have become his side chick!

He is not the center of the universe! Life is not over if he dumps you or never leaves his wife. So, get a life. Develop new interests and hobbies; make new friends. Get more education and start building up your career. Stop sitting around waiting for his calls.

3. Life is not black and white

It’s not like you can be happy only with him and your life is a misery without him. It’s not black and white! There are other colors in life. There are other people and things that can make you happy! And in fact you know the person who is responsible for making you happy – it’s you! So, get busy and make yourself happy!

4. Find support

There are many people out there who will tell you it’s your fault. However, such life is not easy, and there would be few people to support you. Find them and let them help you.

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5. Tell them

Stop keeping such relationships secret. Most girls keep it private, but if you really mean to change your life, should start talking. Tell about it to your closest friends and family. Let them help you on the way to a breakup.

6. Accept his position

Here is what you do if you have become his side chick!

Well, he certainly has one, and you should understand and accept it. Stop dreaming and fooling yourself. Talk to him and try to figure out what is behind his words. Most men like this would say that they will divorce, but just not now, because of the situation they have. Well, you are in a situation, too. In most cases such words mean nothing. If he loves you, he will do something to be with you. Otherwise, his position is to enjoy you, but with no obligation and keep his marriage. Well, accept it and make a plan to act accordingly.

7. Break up

Yes, this is the hardest one. It’s like pulling out that bad tooth. However, tolerating the heartache for years may turn out even more painful.  At the end of it, you would have not only the breakup pain to handle but also the regret of the years wasted on someone who does not deserve you. So, take your time come up with a breakup plan. Following all the above-mentioned tips would help you to get ready for it and start it all over!

These tips can help you handle the situation of being a side chick and move on with your life.

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