Read what studying mums have to go through

Read what studying mums have to go through

Kudos to all the studying mums out there; if you have never had the chance to work and school while being a mother, you may never understand what these women go through. 

It is amazing that many of them come out looking glamorous at events and all when they actually have more than a ton problems weighing them down. Studying is enough work if you do not know and having to combine it with your job is another thing entirely.

No one is talking about the online studying here; they are not easy either but to practically have to attend classes when you have a job to keep and a family to run makes you super amazing. Some single ladies fail woefully in school due to one reason or the other. If we have to look at it carefully; these ladies have the whole time in the world to read and pass yet they still have issues.

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If these issues are natural things that should be weighed, that means the chances of studying mums passing and graduating is slim. However, the interesting thing is that do graduate; some of them even do with good grades.

But the focal point of discussion here is the impact their schooling has on their family life; think of what the kids have to go through because their mothers have to go to school. Some working mothers do not know when their kids go to bed because they are probably stuck in traffic trying to get home.

So imagine what the scenario will be if they have to be schooling in addition to that. Grandmothers do an amazing job in situations whereby they help mind the kids but then, no woman wants to miss out on her child's growth and development. Grandmothers do a great job because they will give your child all the love they could without being paid for it.

Some studying mums are not so lucky; they do not get help from people around and may have to drop their children in creches. These kids go through a lot as they probably have to be the one to open the creche and end up being the last to leave.

These kids need their mothers even though it breaks the heart of the women to put them through all they do. If you have to talk to women who are affected this way, you will understand that their children motivate them a lot. They feel there is the need to do what they could in order to be a role model to them in the nearest future.

They want their children to be proud of them. Whether you accept it or not, they are passing a strong message to the kids. The children will pick good traits from them and get inspired to hang on when they are at crossroads.

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If you are a studying mum then you will understand the tears of the graduating mum in the picture below:

Read what studying mums have to go through

Her expression tells a lot. She is not the only one graduating here, she and her son made it. Appreciate the studying mums around you and tell us what you think.


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