7 times Ghana's presidential hopeful, Akua Donkor, behaved unpresidentially

7 times Ghana's presidential hopeful, Akua Donkor, behaved unpresidentially

As Ghana heads to the polls in about 60 days, one Presidential candidate seems to be making headlines and teaching Ghanaians a lesson in savagery.

The Flag Bearer of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) Madam Akua Donkor also known as the free port, free electricity lady seems to be ready for this year’s election and is making sure no one stands in her way.

Here are seven times Akua Donkor totally thrashed her haters:

1. Calling Gifty Anti ‘an animal’.

Madam Akua Donkor showed she was no pushover by dragging ace journalist Oheneyere Gifty Anti through the mud for undermining her political ambition as a presidential candidate by calling her an animal with no home training. OUCH!!!!!!!

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2. Declining to wish Nana Addo Happy Birthday.

‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ this doesn’t seem to apply to Madam Free Port as she refused to wish the Flagbearer of the NPP who she describes as her ‘enemy’ a happy birthday because she claimed she wouldn't do anything to make her enemies happy.

3. When she threatened to ban Jehovah Witnesses in Ghana.

No JW under Madam’s government. Akua Donkor said she would ban the religious sect if brought to power as they were the cause of low voter turnout during elections.

4. ‘Comedy does not win you Elections’ Akua Donkor to Agya Koo’.

This may be a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but Madam Akua believes the Kumawood star Agya Koo should stay in comedy rather than participate in political issues.

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5. Lying just to spite Dr Nduom.

Payback is a b***h and Akua Donkor knows how to serve it cold as she claimed H.E President Mahama bought her two cars and a house just to spite Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom for a prior offence he committed against her.

6. Describing Nana Addo as more dangerous than the Gitmo 2.

Whiles Ghanaians were complaining about the two former Guantanamo inmates, Madam Akua didn’t see them as a threat but rather described the NPP Flag bearer as the real threat to Ghana. Madam has it out for Nana Addo.

7. When she said, the GHS50,000 filing fee was paltry.

Whiles other parties were contemplating dropping out of the presidential race because of the outrageous filing fees; Boss Chick Akua Donkor claimed the costs were just too small and even requested for an increment.

You just can’t mess with Madam Akua Donkor

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If not, keep reading  Akua Donkor’s manifesto for the 2016 elections.

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