A travellers guide to Ghana

A travellers guide to Ghana

Ghana, independent since 1957, was the first black African country to gain political independence.

Its history, culture and people always prove to be an attraction for other Africans and beyond. But before you come to Kotoka International Airport, these are a few things you should know.

A travellers guide to Ghana

Ghana's Independence Arch

1. You never really came to Ghana until you've seen any of the indigenous festivals or visited the iconic castles. The castles are remnants of European occupation, the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism. The trip to Ghana's slave castles is considered by some as every black person's version of the Islamic ritual of Hajj.

2. If you're Caucasian or mixed race, familiarise yourself with the word 'Obroni'. It simply means white person in one of the local languages. Children will follow you and taunt you with it. Because Ghana is not a racial society, it is not considered offensive here to address someone by their race.

3. Call your parents and ask them which day of the week you were born. Or simply search for your birth date on Google and you'll find out. Then find the corresponding name for the day. Some tribes in Ghana name babies according to the day they were born. Introduce yourself with your Ghana name and you'll fill the room with joy.

4. A trip to Ghana is not worthwhile if you spend your time in hotels and being driven around. Using public transport such as yellow and blue taxis or the minivans to get around town. Popularly known as TroTro, rides on these minivans can be life changing. The ride is inexpensive and makes for great viewing of the cities and towns.

5. Prepare a budget for your second visit even before you set out the first. The people's warmth is infectious and very few people have negative experiences. You could also join the thousands who found the love of their loves at the centre of the entre.

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