The NPP is grossly dishonest- All People's Party (APC)

The NPP is grossly dishonest- All People's Party (APC)

The All People's Party (APC) has declared that it will file a lawsuit against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for supposedly plagiarising their election manifesto which they launched last Thursday. According to the APC, the points and ideas outlined in the NPP's manifesto which was launched on Sunday afternoon are the same as the content of their own manifesto.

After the APC manifesto launch on Thursday, some NPP executives accused the Hassan Ayariga party of stealing their manifesto ideas word for word and using it in their (APC) document; an accusation, the APC debunked on Saturday.

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However, also just after the NPP launched their manifesto on Sunday, the general secretary of the APC, Razak Kojo Opoku in an address stated that the NPP had just proved themselves to be "ideologically bankrupt."

According to Mr Oppku, the APC was ready to sue "the New Patriotic Party for clear thievery of our 2016 Manifesto which was launched on Thursday, 6th October 2016. The NPP leadership has exhibited highly gross academic dishonesty."

He also added that "In fact the now Kalyppo People’s Party is a political group of KalypoIncompetence and academic idiocy”

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