Konadu, others may need psychological help- Legal expert

Konadu, others may need psychological help- Legal expert

A governance expert has said that the Electoral Commission's decision to disqualify some of the presidential aspirants could have some psychological effects on the candidates. David Agbe who is the executive Director of the Ghana Insititute of Governance and Security explained that a psychologist may be required to help with the mental health effects that the disqualification could have on the aspirants.

Mr. Agbe said that Paa Kwesi Nduom of PPP, Nana Konadu Rawlings of NDP and Edward Mahama of the PNC should not have been disqualified. In an interview on Joy News, the analyst said the aspirant who would possibly suffer the most disappointment would be the former first lady, Nana Konadu Rawlings.

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"“I seriously sympathise with her. We should get her some Psychologist to be able to really cancel her because it is a difficult situation for her as we speak. It is not easy. The last time that I heard her speak, she was saying that this time, she is going to make sure that everything goes on successful so that the Electoral Commission does not disqualify her so it is surprising for all of us to also pick the note the note that she has actually been disqualified again. It saddens some of us that this lady wanted to achieve her aim but the electoral system has actually not permitted her," he said.

Yesterday, the Electoral Commission dropped a big bombshell when 13 out of the 17 president aspirants were dropped out of the presidential race due to various reasons. The decision by the EC naturally caused quite the ruckus as the unhappy disqualified candidates have already made threats of legal action, while some resorted to hurling insults at the EC and its chair, Mrs. Charlotte Osei.

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Mr. Agbe added that, while the EC did apply the law to its decision, it should have notified the parties and their flag bearers before fully disqualifying them.

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