Opinion: Charlotte Osei - Our patron saint of uttermost sanity

Opinion: Charlotte Osei - Our patron saint of uttermost sanity

Editor's Note: YEN contributor, Richie Attoh, writes on the recent disqualification of 13 presidential candidates by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Seems the name Charlotte Osei was on most of our lips when we got up from bed today, bit of sleep in our eyes, like she was when we went to bed last night.

Charlotte Osei

Maybe she was not when we got down on our knees to give adoration to God and Allah for another day and she probably was not when we took another ride on our toilet seat but she definitely was in there when we got into our first conversation, she actually led us to it.

And she was when we made breakfast and gave our kids a rub and sat down at a dinner table to eat, the television in the thick of our affairs. She might not have been on our landlords lips when he came barging into our living room, we wished she was would have made for a much more pleasant conversation.

And as we commuted to work, she filled the alleys we walked on and the space of the cars we drove or the buses we were driven in She was also on my lips; she has been on all our lips. And most of the things we have said of her been good, quite good, we went into sleep in awe of her and woke up in love with her.

People say of her now the things the French might have said of Joan Arc. People look at her a bit different now, with less scorn and with less suspicion, with a bit fondness and of more plausibility. Does not matter she is conceited, and come across as arrogant, we brush it off, love is about coping, of the greater good.

Now we all know a bit more of her, we have googled her well, we know she went to Mfantsiman Secondary School and she is fanti and her maiden name is Smith. She was born in Nigeria and her mum was Nigerian.

We now perhaps outraged with Kennedy Agyapong and thinking of it what distasteful and non-honorable and utter disgraceful things and allegation he made of her. Even if we believed then does not matter because we don’t believe anymore.

Our Charlotte Osei can’t do such disparaging things, she is a woman of substance, we put her in par with Hilary Clinton of-course minus all the incorrigible things wikileaks says of Hilary. She would never let a man ride her for a job even if it’s for the enviable position of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission. Such nonsense, it has got male chauvinism all over it.

I never believed; never believe half of the things my beloved NPP glorified firebrand says. Here is man who thinks because he buys ‘intelligence’, all of his intelligences are credible. Here is to me a shallow man who does not know when you in the market for intelligence you probably in the market for lots of bullshit, pardon my French, for he is honorable, you don’t say such things to honorable men.

Sorry. And for what do we owe all this to, this our very sudden taken to liking of her for though we don’t kiss and tell, I know there is a reason we love. Don’t think is her out of this world looks, for though we very attracted to her and her pouty lips do things to our bodies, sets lots of things in motion it can’t be that, because ours is not lust.

For our love is deep and virtuous and almost holy. Not even how her remarkable fine brain works and how she sits and engages the nation like we all her lovers. It has to be the small matter of her yesterday’s press conference, because yesterday morning we did not wake up to her trance All over our election years people who have no business running for the position of our highest office have found themselves into our ballot papers.

These ‘charlatans’ have not only made a mockery of themselves but the very position they long to occupy. We take ourselves very serious as a people and we expect the very individuals who want the utter most honors to lead us should take themselves very serious.

They should be ticking all the right boxes and maybe if not saying all the right things all the time should definitely not be saying all the most incorrigible things all the time.

Incoherent in their speech, insolent in their demeanor, repulsive in their ways, shambolic in their true intentions, neighbors from hell, like our presidency has become a free to all, any tom, dick and harry or maybe any akua, ayariga and henry who by somehow can cough up 50,000 cedis can get into our ‘space’ and marvel us with their asinine.

And it looked to be so again in 2016 till Mrs. Charlotte Osei, our now patron saint of uttermost sanity did us this good, this long overdue good.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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