A pregnant waitress found THIS on one of her tables. She couldn’t hold back her tears…

A pregnant waitress found THIS on one of her tables. She couldn’t hold back her tears…

Once, while passing on a road, a man saw on the sideway a parked car and an old lady standing next to it. It was getting late and was evident the old lady had troubles with her car. The man parked next to her and got out of his car.

The lady was worried, but she tried to hide her anxiety with a smile. After all, no one had stopped in two hours to help her, and this guy stopped. Why was he here? He looked poor and hungry. Maybe he was dangerous. Many thoughts were passing in her head.

The man noticed the old lady was scared. He knew people well.

Hello, can I help you? While I check your car, you may sit inside, so you don’t get cold. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Bryan Anderson.”

A pregnant waitress found THIS on one of her tables. She couldn’t hold back her tears…

It turned out the car just had a flat tire. But to a woman of that age, even that little incident was a tragedy. Bryan was almost done changing the tire. The woman saw the man was finishing, and opened the window to talk with him. She told him she was from St. Louis and she was heading home when all happened. She was grateful to her savior and said that she could never thank him enough.

Anderson just smiled. The woman asked how much she should pay him for the fix, and he could ask any amount. The man refused and remembered all the people who ever helped him in difficult times without asking anything in return. Bryan told the old lady:

“If you want to thank me, just help another person who needs help. At that moment think about me…”

Watching the woman driving down the road, Brian felt that after a cold and not-so-good day, this opportunity to show kindness had warmed his heart. He smiled and mentally thanked her. He got into his car and continued his way.

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When the lady had traveled a few miles, she stopped at a cafeteria near the road. It was the typical fast food place near a gas station: unattractive interior with dirty tables. This image triggered unpleasant emotions in her. This uncomfortable situation would probably ruin her appetite. But she suddenly noticed the waitress. Behind her pleasant smile, the old lady saw anxiety, fatigue, and pain.

At that moment she looked herself in the young girl. Just half an hour ago she was also helpless while cars passed next to her. And she also received the man who helped her with nervous eyes and a smile. The busy girl dried her sweaty face with a towel while she anxiously looked the newcomer and the dirty tables, unable to think how she would face all that. But with a smile on her face, she never stopped cheering up those waiting for their orders.

The old lady also noticed the waitress was around her 7th month of pregnancy. A question crossed her mind “How someone with so little can give so much to others?” Then she remembered Bryan.

After dining, the lady left on the table a 100$ bill and quickly went to her car. The waitress saw the money and the women sat in her Mercedes. The girl understood she wouldn’t have time to reach her and return her change. A minute later, her eyes filled with tears as she read on the napkin “You don’t own me anything. I totally understand you. Recently I also was helped by somebody else and he didn’t ask anything in return. And now I’m helping you. If you want to thank me, just don’t let this circle of kindness end with you.” And under the napkin were 400$ more.

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Inspired by the gesture, the waitress easily did her job, cleaned all the tables and dishes, and served several other clients. When she came home, she couldn’t stop thinking about her benefactor: “How she knew we were in such need? The kid is about to born, and with our incomes, we were in trouble…”

Thinking about that, she went to bed and hugged her husband who was already asleep. He always worried about money and took any job he could find. Kissing him, she whispered: “Everything will be alright, my love. I love you so much, Bryan Anderson”.

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