They climbed zoo fence, what happens next is blood chilling

They climbed zoo fence, what happens next is blood chilling

These people decided to get closer to the wild nature and got over the fence in a zoo. How their stories ended is shocking and sad!

1. A woman and a bear

polar bear

This lady wanted to “play” with a huge white bear in a zoo. The situation took place in Berlin, Germany. It’s one of the craziest on our list. She thought white bears were “cute”. So, she climbed the fence and jumped into their water basin.

What happened next? Apparently the bears thought the woman was tasty and they bit and torn her down much. People helped her out and the doctors saved her life, but she got many severe wounds on her body.

2. A man, his wife and a lion

wife vs lion

Which one is better: a nagging wife or a wild lion? Well, this man picked the lion! His wife drove him crazy and the poor fellow decided to end his life by jumping into the lion’s den in India. He survived their attack, though and still had to face his wife!

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3. Why not pet a tiger?


It’s a bad, bad idea! Two guys decided to break into a zoo at night. Their friend worked there as a guard. They climbed the fence, but one of them stopped to pet a tiger! What a smart guy! The tiger returned the favor. The man survived the “gentle” touches of the beast.

4. A man and two bears

feeding bears

This guy got drunk and decided to visit a zoo. He proved the truth: drinks and wild beasts is a lethal combination! He undressed and naked jumped into the den. Two bears killed his and ate half of his flash by the time people got him out! The young fellow was just 23!

5. God told this man to fight a lion

lion combat

It happened in South America. A man called Thomas “hear the voice of god”. Or so he thought. He was told to fight a real lion. So, he visited a zoo, jumped into the den and started teasing the beast. The lion responded and damaged him badly, but the man survived.

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6. “I want to feed a bear”

pet a bear

When you say that be careful. The wild beast may not be interested in your treats, but as it happened with this lady in USA, he was interested in her. He took her for a treat. The woman of 47 years of age got drunk. She jumped into the bear’s den and offered them some food. Bears do not eat junk, but they ate her fingers instead!

7. Lion karate

lion karate

This guy from Australia took lessons of martial arts. He decided that his skills are good enough to kill a lion with bare hands. So, at night he climbed a zoo fence and approached the beast in hits den. He got torn down and eaten by the king of animals!

These crazy people prove: wild life is wild and dangerous! Never do what they did!


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