Koku Anyidoho is stupid beyond repairs- NPP

Koku Anyidoho is stupid beyond repairs- NPP

Lawyer Obiri Boahen, the deputy general secretary of the New Patriotic Party has thrown verbal punches at the deputy general secretary of the National Democratic Congress Koku Anyidoho for calling the running mate of the NPP flag bearer Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia a ‘muntun banza.’

The term which apparently describes a person with no meaningful role in society was used by Mr Anyidoho to offend Dr Bawumia, and members of the NPP have finally reacted to the insult thrown at their running mate.

Mr Anyidoho used the words at a campaign rally at Jubilee Park in Kumasi, along with the current vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur.

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Speaking on a radio station on Wednesday, Lawyer Obiri Boahen who was furious at the comment made by Mr Anyidoho went on a full verbal attack, calling the NDC deputy general secretary a host offending names and described his person in all manner of insults.

Lawyer Boahen stated that his time would not be wasted on a ‘senseless, stupid and proud man such as Koku Anyidoho.’

If a 'foolish' person like him talks like this, why should the media waste their time on him? We cannot continue to allow a 'foolish' man to make comments like this and continue to give him prominence,” he said. He further added that Koku Anyidoho “is stupid beyond repairs. He is stupid and has graduated to a different level. He is out of control. We cannot continue to pamper Koku Anyidoho for his tangent.”

When asked to retract and apologize for his harsh remarks, Lawyer Boahen refused to do so, indicating that Mr. Anyidoho did not deserve an apology.

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